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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Dessin - Beastly human or human beast? - 3

Medium : Polychromos on Canson C à grain A3 paper
Dimensions : 32 x 16 cm
Type of work : Work in progress 
Reference photo : Pinterest (Tiger) - Photo of my daughter bidding on camp
Target date : 06/2017
Total working time : 6h00

It's the third drawing of a serie : 
Beastly human or Human beast ?
This serie will probably be my graduation work for this (school)year.
The goal is to show that the expressions of humans and animals are sometimes very close.
The first drawing of this serie is here
The second drawing is here

Because it's a serie I will let the background temporarily undone as I want to have an uniformity over the drawings of the serie.

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