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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Digital Design

This is the first part of the second step of my first work
We had to search for a film or theatre affiche with Colors and atmosfeer we liked.
I thought we had to use these in our collage but I was wrong and you will see why in the future updates.
I had trouble to choose witch version of the poster to use thus, I started with two of them to see the results and choose later.

Digital Design

I’m following a Digital Design course.
For now, we are learning Adobe Illustrator
This is the first step of my first work.
We had to start from an autoportrait. We must cut it in piece and arrange them in an abstract collage. Then we had to re draw that collage in adobe illustrator
Here, you see the steps: 
For the autoportrait, I started from a drawing I made
Then you see the collage, the tracing of the pieces and the colouring of the pieces